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An important announcement

This is one of the hardest things we have had to write as a business. We have decided to restructure our company and close our gift store on 2nd Street.

About a year ago, we sat down and evaluated our business. Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined we would be so successful. We found it brought additional challenges and responsibilities however. The business began dictating our life. We were burning the candle at both ends and it was pulling us away from our children and our families.

A company restructuring was necessary. We had to decide to either go bigger, with more employees and service lines to keep up with demand, or scale back to our core and focus on where we started. We battled with that decision for months.

Then about 9 months ago, we were approached by someone interested in purchasing our gift store and felt this was a great opportunity to continue that location. Both parties tried to make it work, but after many months, it wasn’t meant to be.

During this time, we also found out that a family member had a recurrence of Cancer. With the appointments, treatments, and surgery, it became necessary for us to step away and spend more time caring for them. This news, although difficult, affirmed that we were making the right choice for us...that family comes first.

Our customers have been, and continue to be, the reason we do all of this. We will continue to strive to provide one of the best architectural salvage businesses, custom woodworking businesses, and candle businesses out there. Those service lines aren’t going anywhere. We are getting
back to our roots and we are excited to have balance in our work and family life again. We know that this news will be disappointing, but we hope you will understand and continue to support us as we move forward.

So, what’s our plan? The gift store will be closed until Thursday, 5/18. At which time, we will open Thursday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm. We will begin liquidating our inventory when we reopen on 5/18. We will place inventory on sale (except candles) during this process and that Thursday-Saturday schedule will be repeated each week until we liquidated all stock. We may liquidate some displays and fixtures, but most will be retained. This is your time to load up on your favorite 7th Street and Vendor items.

Note, not all vendors will be placing their items on sale. Also, this change does not affect the warehouse’s hours.

If you are looking for, or know someone who is looking for, a really awesome building to rent in one of the coolest downtowns out there, please reach out to us! Just to reiterate, our architectural salvage warehouse, custom build workshop, and our candles are not going anywhere. Head to our stories today to hear more about this restructuring.

Thank you all for your support.

-Brent & Catherine


I love this family business so much! They are the nicest people in the whole world! Today while shopping with my teenager, they helped me shop for her by keeping things behind the counter and ringing them up and bagging them in secret! Seriously love them...Top notch customer service! And you have to get the candles, they are AMAZING!

LeighAnne Y.

Absolutely wonderful place and owners! I could look through this store for hours!

Lauren G.

Love this shop.  Always a great find, and wonderful staff.

Chris L.

7th Street Salvage has become one of my favorite places in Macon! Our house is quickly becoming a showroom for their cool stuff.

Sarah S.

What a great morning! First time getting to visit 7th Street Salvage. Owners are absolutely amazing and super helpful in creating unique ideas. Thanks so much guys! I will be back

Stephanie F.

The staff at 7th Street Salvage are all so personable, considerate and helpful. The store carries such beautiful, one-of-a-kind items. It’s always a pleasure shopping with them!

Maggie M.

Perfectly curated shop that supports the creative work of many! A jewel in downtown Macon!

Amy A.

I appreciate that in these times they are more concerned about the safety of everyone rather than making every dollar.  I highly recommend 7th Street Salvage.  Beautiful place located in downtown Macon.

Dennis M.

Great business and great owners! Highly recommend.

Becca B.

Beautiful location with a lot of great merchandise. 

Jeni M.

I liked the homemade, unique items they carry.  Good, friendly customer service, and a beautiful, renovated building.

Angela N.


Our all-natural candles are hand-poured right here in our downtown location.

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