The Story of 7th Street Salvage

Our story began as an unexpected opportunity to purchase an old run-down warehouse on 7th Street in the industrial district of downtown Macon.

The Warehouse Story

Built in approximately 1910, the Gannt Manufacturing company was the first owner of this 10,000 square foot warehouse. At one time, Gannt was one of the southeast’s largest manufacturers of small farm implements and machinery. The warehouse was also an architectural salvage business called “The Second Chance,” a collective artist studio, appliance refinishing company, and storage building. The warehouse eventually fell into disrepair and the Meyers spent 18 months fixing the building and organizing its contents, while scouting and saving additional architectural salvage.

From the beginning, the mission of 7th Street Salvage was to save pieces from historic buildings, to prevent usable items from winding up in landfills, and to support the community and talented local makers as much as possible. In June 2018, 7th Street Salvage officially opened their doors as a part-time side gig. It quickly became apparent that the Meyers found their calling and leapt into the business full-time.

The Artisanal Story

Early in 2019, 7th Street Salvage wanted to give back to the community and support local makers and artisans, so we held the first Maker’s Market on 7th. During this market, 7th Street Salvage identified a local non-profit organization to support, while inviting approximately 20 makers to set up booths where they could show off their talents and sell their goods. Since that first market, 7th Street has held a number of markets and pop-ups, which gave us an idea for future expansion. Also, at this time, our custom wood shop was born, where reclaimed wood is used to make one-of-kind items for customers.

The Candle Story

Also early in 2019, 7th Street Salvage launched a line of custom candles. Some wonder how a salvage company would begin making candles, but for us, it was easy. Looking for a way to use scrap pieces of salvaged wood and flooring, ended with us creating a high quality, uniquely scented candle with a handmade wood lid. Our candles have become a customer favorite and they have been shipped to every state throughout the US. Stockists from the US and Canada wholesale our candles as well. Uniquely scented with phthalate-free fragrances, we use a proprietary blend of 100% natural soy/coconut/beeswax, lead-free cotton wicks, and zero dyes. We’ve chosen a beautiful pale blue/green recycled glass jar, which can be upcycled as drinking glasses once the candle is finished.

The Downtown Story

Seeing the success of the markets, 7th Street set their sights on expanding yet again. This time it was to develop a unique, experiential shopping experience in downtown Macon. This experience would take the fun and creative atmosphere of our Maker’s Markets and bring it to a brick-and-mortar retail store in the heart of historic downtown Macon. In 2021, we decided to add a bakery to this location, so everyone could enjoy some of Middle Georgia baker's great creations!  This store, located on the 2nd Street Corridor of downtown, is an old 1916 building, originally housing various gas stations, car repair shops, and a used car dealership. We are thrilled to be chapter in the story of this old gas station.

Needless to has been one wonderful and exciting journey!


Brent & Catherine Meyer have a full life of raising 3 kids and a dog and live in a 1925 cottage in Macon, GA. They have always had a passion for old things, but it took them a while to officially get to making old things their living! Brent has degrees in clinical social work and educational leadership, while Catherine has degrees in fine arts and legal studies. Although it seems the Meyer’s are always working, they do enjoy slowing down occasionally and immersing themselves in hobbies. Brent loves to fish and is a collector at heart, while Catherine loves to garden and read.


Our ultimate goal is that we leave as little footprint on this earth as possible.

Our belief is that “old things have soul,” and by salvaging them, they continue to tell their story.

We salvage because we know that once history is lost, it is lost forever. We advocate that old buildings stay standing, living long lives while being loved and cared for. However, if a decision has been made for one of these buildings to come down, we want to save as much as we can from winding up in a landfill.

Our candles are made with salvage wood (lids), recycled glass (vessels), and sustainable ingredients. We use NON-paraffin waxes and phthalate-free fragrances. Our vessels and lids can be used again by the consumer in other areas so that those items don’t wind up in the trash. Our vessels make wonderful drinking glasses, vases, or storage containers. Our lids make great coasters or fire starters for outdoor fireplaces.

Our woodshop uses predominantly salvaged wood, hardware, and glass. When these options are not available, we use sustainable wood products from as many local vendors as possible.

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